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October 15th, 2002

One Of THOSE Kind Of Days

It's going to be one...

I didn't hear the clock go off. I got up at 7:35. Supposed to be at work at 8. No shower (decent enough hair, thank GOD). Rubbed something resembling water on my face so I could put on makeup at the stop lights. Good thing I can see without my contacts (and legally drive) they're at home in their case.

Fortunately last night I planned out the outfit and had everything ready to go. One of my teacher friends had a spare cup so I could have coffee this morning (good thing I learned to drink black last week).

Now that the adrenalin is wearing off, I'm starting to feel the gross no shower thing. I did bring a disposable toothbrush so I could at least brush my teeth.

Weird headache coming on. Need to nip that in the bud. It's going to be a long day. I'm in the Resource classes - and it's going to be a challenge.

If All Else Fails, BAKE

I always know when Autumn hits. I suddenly have urges to cook or bake. Had 'em for the last couple of days, but did something about it today.

After the bad start to the day, I got home early. I took a shower and felt human, FINALLY. Then I ran up to the store and got ready made cookie dough, canned biscuits and milk and eggs and stuff to bake with.

ANY day that ends in home baked chocolate chip cookies can't be all bad. How much fun is that. SQUEE! Fresh cookies. Will probably make the biscuits later. A totally non-healthy dinner in the making, I'm sure.

May wait. Hot biscuits during SMALLVILLEE = melted butter, maybe some jelly and JOHN GLOVER. He damn well better be on show tonight.

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