December 21st, 2002

The End of an Ordeal -

got lead?
Or the end of one...

I fucked up last night. I did. I need to admit it.

It's pretty obvious from the last several entries that I don't deal well with mechanics.

Last night was the Eudaly/Francis Christmas thing at Mom and Dad's - but since I was in Arlington, I thought it might be a good time to finalize things with the mechanic - since I hadn't heard from him in a week. But I wanted Dad as the moral support - this is where the messing up began.

I SHOULD have gone to the mechanic on my own on the way to the Folks' and not gone to ask Dad to go with me.


1) Dad had been sick half the week with the stomach thing going around.

2) Mom doing some serious overtime.

When we got to the mechanic, they said they'd tried to call twice. They have Dad's phone number, but he says he didn't get any messages. BUT they got the lighter. It took twenty minutes to get the damn lighter in...

It took Lee - the mechanic, his friend Tony (who is Asian - I think Chinese, because he's got a similar accent to Jackie Chan, but could've been Japanese - and ALSO a ASC certified mechanic), and Dad to figure out how to put the damn lighter in.

BUT on the upside - the guy only charged me $260. The mirror alone was $160, then he lumped ALL the part together to be $200 and only charged me for an hour of labor - $60. That's totally fair.

Sometime after Christmas I'll go with Dad to get the stuff to get the rest of the stuff to make the radio work. BUT NOT until after Christmas. Because my mother was MAD last night - and justifiably so, when I think about it.

But it was the whole "selfish bitch" rant. How I never take her feelings into consideration and always run roughshod over their plans. Whenever she yells at me, it's always the same theme. Someday, I think she's going to see my long-term singleness as a selfish thing to not give her grandchildren.

Granted there was some justification this time, but it was just SO much fun...NOT. Are the holidays over yet? The only thing to keep it from being a total loss last night was that my neice and nephew were also having behavioral problems while they were at Mom and Dad's.

We're going to see TTT this afternoon with the Francis' before they leave for Marakesh on Sunday. Then there's just the major holidays, and then life should get back to relative normal.

Why are parental relationships so HARD?

Le Sigh

got lead?
Saw The Two Towers today. I agree with sidewinder that some of the Sam and Frodo things were kinda ponderous.

Loved everything with Karl Urban (Eomer). Also Legolas, Boromir and Gimli - like DUH! Though Orlando Bloom is MUCH better looking blond than his normal dark...

But to toot my LOTR horn - and name drop. I'm reminded of these photos from DragonCon 2000...

Karl is hot in any light - with any hair - and looks damn fine on a horse.


Brad is actually a very nice many in person, but he does Evil even better than John Glover...

But man, I couldn't help but notice that J.K. Rowling stole a bunch of her "stereotyped" characters. Dumbledor = Gandolf (which is why Ian McKellan CAN'T be the new Dumbledor); Snape = Wormtongue (God, Brad was wonderfully slimy in that character. I can even see a correlation between Hobbits and Harry.

But because of THESE movies, I now have to see OTHER movies - such as all the X-Men movies to see Ian McKellan as Magneto, and GHOST SHIP to see Karl.

OH, oh, oh, and I saw the preview of Terminator 3 - and THERE IS life after STAR TREK! The guy who played Bashir on DS9 is all over the preview for T3. Go figure.

I wonder if he and Nana Visitor are still together...
I'm feeling a bit inspired. I have about an hour before I should be in bed - I can get more work done.

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