January 27th, 2003


I hate them, I hate them, I hate them.

Well, I hate the things that come up "Unknown" or "Unavailable" on the CallerID - I assume they're telemarketers.

My phone rang every two minutes for the last twenty. Didn't leave any kind of message. Of course, I had to be up to my elbows in dishwater and have to STOP doing dishes, check the phone, go back and start the process all over.

Discovered over the weekend the School District's servers weren't up totally until Friday, so I'm giving the Tech people another little bit of slack. Hopefully things will get worked out there THIS week so I can make some decisions on work situations.


How funny is it that the official acronym for the Federal Bureau of Prisons is BOP?

Found a great website that has this listing of governmental agencies - research, you know - and their acronyms. Some of them are quite amusing.

The telephone keeps ringing with the inevitable "Unknown". I guess it's just Monday and my name came up on the top of the call lists.

Don't Know How To Take It...

Finally heard back from the Tech Services lady at my ISD - I'm not the only one she's heard from about not getting calls. SHE thinks everyone's healthy. BAH! But I HAVE been taken off my primary campus list and said I needed to talk to Mr. P - one of the prinicpals over there.

Apparently I DID piss someone off and nobody told me. I have to say it: "What the fuck? If they had a problem with me - attitude, ability, whatever - you think they would've TOLD me about it in the last 3.5 YEARS I'VE BEEN WORKING THERE.

I forwarded her response to my English teacher mole and my mom. I was debating on tears a moment ago - then I got an email back from Mom that says if it wasn't a computer glitch we going to stalk Mr. P. That made me snicker and broke the blackest of the moods. We'll see if the Teacher Mole comes back with anything, too.

This is the weirdest damned situation I've ever been in. A resolution would be nice - always like to know when/IF I need to find a new day job.

From The Mole

I just got this from my teacher mole:

Nobody seems to know anything here! At least, everyone I've asked is playing convincingly dumb if there is a story. I'd definitely contact Mr. P and see if he will spill the beans as to what has happened. I don't buy the bit about not many people being absent; it's flu season and half the school has been sick! What is a preference list, by the way? I've never heard of that!

So, I've already contacted Mr. P. I'm waiting for him. I told my teacher mole about the list - and will probably have the satisfaction of knowing that if this was all a personal vendetta issue that I may have a teacher uprising on my side.

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