May 23rd, 2007

Customer Value - KWIK KAR LUBE on Fitzhugh

I went to this luncheon the other day where the speaker talked about creating customer value.

I know have first hand knowledge of this... the Kwik Kar Lube & Tune on Fitzhugh in Dallas. They get this.

Took the car in for State Inspection (which I hate doing, so ALWAYS put off - I'm entering ticketing phases of overdue so I got it done) and an oil change (which was ALSO overdue - but it passed inspection BEFORE the oil change). Anyway, I was a bit brain fogged this morning and hungry (protein deprived probably). SO I asked the guys if it was okay to go across the side street to 7-Eleven to get something to eat. They gave me a hard time, but then recommended I go to either this little hole in the wall pizza place or up to McDonalds.

Okay, DUH, hole in the wall pizza all the way. Sold by the slice across the other street. The manager of the store CALLED AHEAD for me so they'd pretty much be ready for me when I got all the way across the street on foot.

They made their required extra recommendations, *but* didn't hard sell and explained thier recommendations -- explained them in plain English and WITHOUT condescention to the silly woman who doesn't know jack about cars. I took ONE - I had the air filter changed (because God only knows when that was last changed). I promised to THINK about the high mileage oil and engine flush because I'm getting married and moving, I don't have EXTRA money.

It was still a bit pricey, but if I have to do oil changes on my lunch hour EVER again, guess where I'm going to go? You got it, the place that speaks to me like I'm a reasonably intelligent person AND orders my lunch for me. 8-)

THAT'S a breath of fresh air in the great wasteland that IS customer service.

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