October 26th, 2007

Back on Track...

At least I hope so... and I don't know about others, but I have to say this...

Thank God for Deadlines and Fridays -- but that goes without saying...

I'm getting motivated to work on the ROTA sequel because it's due in a month. And there might, sorta kinda be progress on another deal we'd (the ROTAs) have been dinking around with for the last year. See me holding my breath... the paperwork's supposed to be here by Monday. However... I've heard that before.

My other writing partner should be home from LA soon and that project will get going again. And I have to get rocking on a couple of non-fic articles and get some stories resubbed. But the productivity dam in my head is starting to clear. You know the one where you get all kinds of cool things going on in your head and they all jam up at one point and just kinda trickle out until you get a current? That one.

Speaking of LA, though I had no immediate stake in it, I'm glad the WGA has overwhelmingly voted for the strike authorization. I finally caught up on -- sort of -- on the stakes. It's going to suck for the spring television season if they strike sooner rather than later, but as a writer who's already been accused of being a greedy amateur (wink, wink angelinehawkes and wordgrinder) for wanting to be paid fairly for my writing work as was contracted. I hope the WGA kicks butt in the negotiations.

The "Arts" are the only "industries" where it's assumed that those who produce the "product" should give it away and be happy for it. Or should be grateful for whatever pittance is tossed their general direction despite the fact no other industry "expects" this.

Okay, that's my soap box and I'm sticking to it.

Can You Help a Pal?

Eddie -- Edgar von Bauw Bauw -- is both a great and a heartbreaking story. He needs a home besides living with my co-worker, her three dogs, and one other rescue. Eddie is a kind, gentle Belgian Shepherd. Loves people. Doesn't need a lot of exercise because he suffers from minor hip displacement that hinders some movement, but isn't completely debilitating.

Eddie was found several months ago in a grocery store parking lot weighing barely 60 pounds. Every bone was visible. He was dirt crusted. But still friendly. My co-worker took him home, fed him, took him to the vet. Eddie miraculously only had a minor skin infection. He's been treated. He's been heartworm tested and is heartworm free. He has been fixed, his shots are up to date. And he's been in a warm and nurturing home and has put on some weight, but is still thin for his breed.

He doesn't overeat. He's not aggressive. He's the sweetest dog in the world. But he needs to be an "only dog" with a family that will give him the attention he deserves. He's good with kids and other dogs. Cats get deep belly "woofs" from him, though.

He's also snuggly, and thinks he should be a lap dog.

If you can help our pal out, please get in touch with me.

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